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Welcome to our Ashram on the Internet

"Ashram" is the Sanscrit word for spiritual retreat. It is a place where one can get away from the world and be alone with oneself and imbibe the Teachings of more spiritually advanced souls or the Guru, who guides the neophytes on the spiritual Path. The name of our Ashram is "The Light of Sivananda-Valentina." It is named after our Spiritual Teacher and founder, Sri Sivananda-Valentina. Please see the document, About Sivananda-Valentina.


" The goal of Yoga is not the application of your powers for personal success - but the Realization of Truth for Truth's sake. Only the traders want to gain in this form or another. True seekers want God only - for His sake only, for the sake of Truth alone."


We hope that we can provide you with a little oasis for the true seekers where you can refresh yourself with the spiritual Beauty, Truth, Love, Peace and Wisdom which emanate from the Light of Sivananda-Valentina. If you have any questions about any aspect of Yoga, please contact the Secretary, Jack Phelan by email or at the address below.


The Light of Sivananda-Valentina is a non-profit religious and educational organization. All donations are tax exempt. All of the monthly morning meditations and downloadable audio files are free and if you enjoy the materials here and would like to contribute, you are welcome to donate by using the "donate" button on our website or send donations to:


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