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The following are just a few of the published books of Sivananda-Valentina which we present as an introduction to Her work. Gradually, we will add more books and extracts from Her unpublished  writings.  If there are any questions, please contact us.

Volume 1


It presents various extracts from the writings of Sivananda-Valentina and will give the reader a general idea of what Her Teachings are about. It includes poetry and writings on meditation, prayer, love, beauty and more. Also, there is a very charming section called "Valentina's Fairyland" which contains many photographs and original art work.

* * *


Saraswati 5x7b.jpg

Volume 3

Hinduism is the only religion which so beautiflly and powerfully stresses the worship of God as Mother. In Hinduism there is Sakti philosophy and Sakti Yoga. God is unchanging Consciousness - Sakti is His changing power. Sakti is the Devine Mother - the Mother of Nature.


In the human body, Sakti manifests Herself precisely the way She manifest Herself in the Universe, as vital all pervading force - or Prana, and in its spiritual potential - as the primordial Energy - or Kundalini. First man has to conquer the gross aspects of the Energy - the body and the carnal mind - and only then he can preceive the subtle, formless Kundalini Sakti.

* * *

Brahmamuhurta-rain-8 final.jpg

Volume 2

First of All, I have to remind you that Yoga is a vast concept. Everyone should ask himself what he has in mind when he uses this word. Today the word "Yoga" is used, misused and abused in every corner of the globe. Health-minded people show intense interest for Asanas and Pranayamas and these Yogic Kriyas are popularly known as Yoga.


Now, if you have in mind only the health culture the way it is usually introduced in numerous yoga-centers and commerical yoga-classes, you need not go into any subtleties. If, however , you are interested in Yoga in a scientific system of integral human developement - then we can go into such ideas as asceticism, celibacy and general ethical excellence which is the basis of Yoga proper, - its aims being to discipline human body, mind and senses.

* * *


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